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We're ready to bring your next great idea to life. What makes us different? For one, we're commited to investing 90% of our profits into well established charities. Intrigued? Get in touch and help us change the world.

The Mission

The brightSPARK Advantage


A snapshot of some of the results we've delivered to happy clients


A network to grow into

Putting together a new RESTRICTED network

Our client required a Defence classified RESTRICTED network in order to support the activities of a new project. A growing team of business analysts, software engineers and support staff meant infrastructure quickly became the number one priority. With time being a commodity in short supply, brightSPARK were tasked to establish and accredit the network with the following critical services:

  • Information and Document Management through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Application Test Management through HP Quality Center
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Application Bug Tracking
  • Continuous Integration Server
  • Integrated Development Environments
  • Capacity to host test environments containing upwards of 20 virtual machines

With previous experience in Defence accredited networks, brightSPARK Infrastructure Engineers set about designing and building a network which would meet the stringent requirements of the Defence Security Authority (DSA) and Information Assurance (IA). To meet the needs of the client and the requirements for accreditation, brightSPARK deployed a network with the following characteristics:

  • Centralised Policy Management
  • Centralised Group and User Management
  • Virtualised Server Infrastructure
  • Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for both client and server machines
  • Network wide backup and auditing

Once the proposed hardware was procured, brightSPARK were able to build and obtain Defence accreditation for the network within six weeks. A secondary phase of work was then granted in which brightSPARK extended the network with:

  • High-availability and failover of all critical services
  • Capacity to host upwards of 200 virtual machines
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings to other projects in the company
  • Enterprise grade storage and backup

Sifting haystacks

Augmenting intelligence's monitoring capability

Our client made use of an in-house developed application to perform monitoring and intelligence gathering.

brightSPARK were provided with the codebase and tasked with updating the application to:

  • process additional input streams of data
  • decode codecs and provide rendering within the application natively
  • re-design the user interface to be more intuitive and friendly
  • fix performance and stability issues

Starting from an unknown codebase, brightSPARK Application Engineers spent a two week design phase to:

  • introduce an underlying system architecture to the application
  • eliminate redundant and poorly written code
  • integrate unit level testing across the application
  • add class level commenting to the entire codebase

With the codebase now tamed, brightSPARK set to work introducing new functionality requested by the customer. Utilising our mature development process, brightSPARK were able to deliver weekly operational ready releases to the client. Direct engagement with end users was conducted on a fortnightly basis to ensure the application was tailored to the job.

Receiving an application tailored specifically to their needs and delivered on a weekly basis, the client could not have been more pleased. The refactored application remains in active service with plans to further increase its capabilities.


The secure cloud

Migrating secure environments into shared virtual infrastructure

Not many projects begin with the statement "all old data will be lost", but this was exactly what our Chief Engineer overheard while finalising a deployment at a major Defence client's site. In a quick discussion, brightSPARK learnt:

  • a new cloud had been created to replace an extant virtualised environment hosting classified services
  • there was no strategy in place to transition old data to the new system
  • certain services would not be ported across to the new system due to accessibility issues

Over the course of half an hour, brightSPARK Infrastructure Engineers outlined a modified design in which:

  • all data in the extant system could be migrated across securely into the new system
  • all services could be ported and then accessed using secured connections
  • existing hardware could be re-purposed to prevent any dramatic increases in costs
  • a transition plan was instantiated to make the change as seamless as possible for the end users

The client implemented the modified design proposed by brightSPARK over their transition window. All data was migrated to the new environment successfully. User engagement ensured end users were acquainted with the outage periods during the transition, and were able to carry out all previous functions with only minor training.


The SECRET garden

Designing a support enclave on the Defence Secret Network

When a large Defence contractor was looking to strengthen their position for operational support contracts, brightSPARK strategists floated the concept of a support enclave on the DSN and outlined the benefits such an enclave would have to future tender responses.

brightSPARK were tasked to deliver a design for the network enclave which could support all existing contracts and meet all Defence accreditation requirements.

With a keen understanding of operational product support and the architecture of the DSN, brightSPARK Infrastructure Engineers designed a solution with the following characteristics:

  • Protected service exposure to the greater DSN
  • Proxied nodes to support service expansion without network reconfiguration
  • Support for Release Management processes and tools
  • Central repositories for incident management and escalation
  • Accessibility from disparate support sites

With a solid design and strategy in place, the client has progressed to looking for an appropriate sponsor for the proposed enclave. Once established, the enclave will place our client in a very strong position for future tenders in the Defence space.


Applications that share

Tailoring technology to business goals through collaboration

In an operational environment where seconds matter, our client could not afford to have technology create a bottle-neck in their business goals. Three independent platforms, all critical to business success, but with no integration was not a tolerable situation.

brightSPARK were tasked to work with the vendors of all three platforms to produce an integrated technology stack that supported, rather than hindered, operational outcomes.

Collaboration was never going to be an easy feat with vendors based in different continents. brightSPARK Application Engineers independently worked with each vendor to introduce support for information exchange using a NATO data standard. With information now accessible from each system, brightSPARK application and Infrastructure Engineers built an enterprise service bus (ESB) to allow enterprise level integration between the three products.

With an integration layer now in place, the client was able to optimise business processes to achieve their goals faster. The consolidated service layer has also simplified system usage and training, allowing staff to focus on their mission and not their toolset.


A fresh take on deployments

Managing system roll-outs across the country

Sometimes there's simply no avoiding a tight deadline. When one of our Defence clients was facing a looming deployment date, we found ourselves faced with the following scenario:

  • 1 SECRET network to work with
  • 40 servers to stand-up
  • 7 system instances to interconnect
  • 5 different geographic sites to deploy at
  • 6 weeks to make it all happen

With a demanding schedule in place and an equally demanding end user awaiting a system, brightSPARK took charge of a team of software engineers provided by our client. Mapping out a strategy for coordinating the roll-out, brightSPARK were able to ensure:

  • Multiple build activities by disparate team members were conducted in parallel
  • All application servers across all sites were built consistently
  • Network communication and storage issues were managed and resolved
  • Dry-run testing was successfully conducted across all instances
  • All servers and applications were delivered to the end user in an operationally ready state

Despite the tight deadlines, brightSPARK were able to deliver the roll-out on time, and help our client reach an unprecedented level of success with formal user acceptance testing.


dream bigger

Our founder believes expectations should be challenged. After a career spent working for large technology corporations, he disagreed with the accepted expectation that projects could never deliver what the client really wanted. So he set out to build a better kind of enterprise. An enterprise built on three principles.

Technology that matters

Technology should always serve a purpose. It should be so well crafted that it augments our capabilities.

brightSPARK delivers technology not for the sake of it, but to enable people to get things done better, faster and cheaper.

Engineering that inspires

Engineering excellence has driven innovation across the world for millennia. The best engineers want to solve the most challenging problems, unencumbered by bureaucracy.

brightSPARK is an environment that celebrates and encourages engineering brilliance.

Consciousness that acts

Success should not be measured by what is acquired, but by what is imparted. Enterprise bears a responsibility to aid in the cause of social justice.

brightSPARK is a technology company with a soul, aiming to invest 90% of profits into transforming the world.


work smarter

We succeed by doing things better. All our projects go through our proven Design, Build, Deploy Methodology to ensure a successful outcome.


We know how frustrating it can be trying to get an idea across. That's why we always send our engineers out ready to demonstrate and mock-up ideas as you explain them. In general, a brightSPARK engineer will spend at least 4 hours with you during the design phase to scope out what you want to achieve and how best to make it happen. With brightSPARK you'll encounter people who can see your vision and help you navigate around the obstacles to it.


During our build phase, we aim to demonstrate working pieces to you as often as possible. This is critical to ensure you get what you are expecting. brightSPARK engineers generally look to deliver working iterations of the solution fortnightly so that you can be assured we're on track. We will meet with you after each delivery to discuss how any changes you may desire in the solution can be accommodated.


A solution is not finished until it is in the hands of the users. brightSPARK will work with you to help you deploy the solution into your environment. For major deployments, we can help you establish a transition strategy to migrate your users and data with minimal downtime.


deliver more

We offer technology solutions across the Application and Infrastructure layers.


Bespoke Applications

Custom built applications allow you to focus on your core business rather than the technology that supports it. brightSPARK Application Engineers can work with you to optimise your business processes and then build you web, mobile or standalone applications perfectly suited to your business goals.


Operational Deployments

Applications need stable servers and technology stacks in order to run efficiently. brightSPARK Infrastructure Engineers can take charge of your deployments to ensure your business applications are deployed with minimal downtime into a rock-solid scalable infrastructure layer.


Solution Architecture

Good architecture is critical for applications to perform in operational environments. brightSPARK Application and Infrastructure Engineers can work with your software engineers and architects to ensure the integrated logistics support concerns of reliability, availability, maintainability, testability, scalability and security are addressed in your solutions.



Winning major technology delivery projects is an exciting time for your organisation. However, it is often difficult to resource these and deliver them on time. brightSPARK can partner with you as a sub-contractor to take responsibility over discrete work packages, ensuring you deliver a unified technology asset on time and within budget.


listen always

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